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The intellectual, social and emotional growth of children does not begin and end when the school bell rings...

so what does that mean in this moment of school closures and social distancing?

As social circles and schools move online and inside homes, technology can be a lifeline, keeping us connected by distance learning, video chats and online play dates.   At Homeroom, we’re obsessed with offering families creative, inspiring online experiences that connect and engage elementary school students with their friends and educators.  As parents ourselves, we also urgently believe that our kids need to to play with each other as soon as they can.

We’re figuring out small, everyday ways to build trust and connection with our children, while helping them honor their feelings, questions and needs.  Whether they’re interacting and learning online today, or playing and socializing back at school when it’s safe, we can heal together, if we focus on strengthening connections and trust now.

Today we’re sharing a list of 20 Questions to Get Kids Talking About Their Online Classes.  We hope these questions will help your children navigate this transition, and feel safe enough to open up about bigger topics.  

  1. What's it like being in class online?  Is it what you expected? 
  2. What questions did you ask in class today? 
  3. What's one question you wanted to ask but didn't?
  4. What are the rules?
  5. Did you feel included?
  6. Did you notice anyone who was not feeling included? How could you tell?
  7. How do we notice someone’s feelings when we can only see them on the screen?
  8. What was the most interesting thing your teacher said today?
  9. What about the other students, did they say anything funny or interesting?
  10. What made you smile or frown today?
  11. What made your teacher smile or frown today?
  12. What surprised you about your class?
  13. Did you learn any new words?
  14. If you could trade places with your teacher, what would you teach the class?
  15. What do you wish happened in class but didn't?
  16. Teach me something you learned today. 
  17. Rate your class on a scale of 1-10.
  18. What are you looking forward to for next time?
  19. Going to class online is new for you, your friends and your teacher; is there anything I can help you understand?  
  20. Are there any questions you want to ask me?

Please share the questions that get your children talking and we’ll add them to the list!  Find us on Facebook @joinhomeroom


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