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Five Online Instructors You Should Know

  • By: Ruby Germain
  • On Jul 23, 2020 5:44:12 PM

We work with many fantastic, creative instructors who have made it their mission to transform online learning.

We're inspired by their drive to build connections and confidence while activating their student's imaginations. 

Here are five online instructors we think you should know!

This Dad of two and former Massachusetts Teacher of the Year Finalist has over 18 years experience teaching 2nd grade and directing theater camps! 

"When I was in preschool, I would come home and play school. That's when I knew I wanted to be a teacher. It's many, many years later, but I still have that same love for teaching."

Daniel's creative, kind, fun energy shines through in imaginative classes like Harry Potter Extravaganza, Journey to Outer Space, Stuffed Animal Dance & Yoga and more.  Explore Daniel's classes here.
Meet Ms. Chris, a certified Mathematics and Art instructor, former public school teacher, artist and resident Homeroom magician! As one Homeroom parent recently said "Ms. Chris does a great job!"

"I hope to spark an interest and have students try new perspectives to solve problems, creating skills for future learning.."

Find Ms. Chris teaching some of our most popular classes, like Amazing Science and Abracadabra:Beginner's Magic to Surprise Everyone. 

Henri is an experienced and enthusiastic online arts educator, focused on bringing new and different art forms to children at home.  Not only does Henri have years of experience as a professional producer in the video & music biz, but Henri is also an accomplished DJ and has toured internationally with award-winning performing groups.
"I adamantly believe art should always be fun and inspiring for everyone, no matter what skill level. FUN is always the focus, because if you are not having fun, why are you doing it? "

Discover Henri's classes here.

This passionate Montessori teacher (and dog-mom-of-three) has taught toddlers and elementary age students. Samantha is dedicated to developing and meeting the needs of each child through a differentiated classroom approach.  Samantha's Coding with Scratch for Beginners class is a Homeroom favorite!
One Homeroom parent recently wrote to us about Samantha, 

"The instructor is very patient and attentive to all the kids in the class and makes the class interesting and fun for the beginners."

Find Coding with Scratch and more of Samantha's classes here.
Through Craft Kitchen, Eileen, an experienced children's textile and graphic design artist,  offers unique art projects for kids that include drawing, painting, art history, crafts, sewing and mixed media techniques.  
Eileen's ability to connect with students and help them build friendships through art has made Craft Kitchen a Homeroom favorite!
Six year old Juliette recently wrote to us about Ms. Eileen's Fun with a Pencil class:

 "It's fun to do and you can learn a lot! I like that I learn how to draw new things, and you can even request what you want to draw! Ms. Eileen is great!"

Make new friends and create art together in Eileen's classes here.
Interested in joining Homeroom as an instructor? Learn more here.


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