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Introducing Homeroom at Home

  • By: Casandra Stewart
  • On May 8, 2020 1:08:34 PM
  • 7 min read

Supporting those that are raising the next generation is our most important work

and these last few months our village of families, educators, schools and students has been abruptly impacted by school closures and the general uncertainty of our times. These members of our extended community are a key part of our children’ growth and development, who deserve our thoughtful attention and support to continue to thrive.

At Homeroom we’ve always believed that the intellectual, social and emotional growth of children does not begin and end when the school bell rings.  That’s true now more than ever with school, playdates and enrichment activities all taking place in our homes.  We believe in supporting children’s friendships and easing this transition for our community by providing engaging and inspiring experiences to keep them connected.

In service of our mission to build collaborative partnerships that bolster learning and engagement at school, at home and beyond, we’ve launched Homeroom at Home: Live online classes for K-5 children & their friends that are created by enrichment experts.  

We hope you’ll find these collections of classes inspiring and thoughtful.  Your families are important members of our village and we are proud to offer your children engaging classes, led by expert instructors, that will spark their curiosity as they embark on learning adventures alongside friends.

We recognize online learning is new for many families. As we make this transition together, we will continue to invest in all children and strive to provide the best support for busy caregivers. In the midst of this global pandemic, we are devoted to continuing to enrich and strengthen families across the country.  

We are in this together!  By supporting those dedicated to helping raise the next generation, we help you and our village grow stronger together.

We wish your family health, safety & happy learning!

The Homeroom Team




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