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Instructor Spotlight: Meet Ms. Chris

  • By: Ruby Germain
  • On Jul 1, 2020 1:11:49 AM

Whether it's after school or online, enrichment can be the most meaningful hour of the day! 

We partner with experienced instructors who have a passion for cultivating students' curiosity and a knack for stealth learning through interactive, fun, inspiring curriculums. 
I really, really, REALLY liked my teacher! I am so, so, so, so, so, so glad.
Juliana, 7.5 years old
We are grateful that so many families have welcomed Homeroom into their homes and schools for after school and online enrichment classes and playdatesFor those looking to get to know us better, we want to introduce you to some of our most-loved instructors.
Meet Ms. Chris, a certified Mathematics and Art instructor, former public school teacher, artist and resident Homeroom magician!
Ms. Chris, what do you hope students take away from your classroom?
"I hope to spark an interest and have students try new perspectives to solve problems, creating skills for future learning."
What's your passion project or favorite hobby outside of teaching?
"I love all art forms and enjoy working with all kinds of media. There is a unique freedom in creativity with no right or wrong, just self expression."
What's the best part about teaching online?
"Picking classes and sharing my enthusiasm in an intimate online link is exciting! I believe it opens the possibilities for introducing students to a broader array of classes from instructors across the country. What can beat that?"
Find Ms. Chris on Homeroom in some of our most popular classes, like Optical Illusions to Blow Your Mind and Abracadabra:Beginner's Magic to Surprise Everyone.
Do you have a question for our instructors?  Email us at or message us on Facebook.


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