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Pods as Partnerships

  • By: Ruby Germain
  • On Jul 30, 2020 5:44:46 PM

Pod is most certainly the word of the week.  If it's possible to reimagine something that barely existed a month ago, we're going to try!  

As the NY Times recently noted pods can, "provide families with a schooling option that feels safe — yet also allows kids to have fun and build social skills... But given that pods can be pricey, complicated to organize and self-selecting, they are likely to be most popular among families of privilege, experts say, and may worsen educational inequality." 

We understand these concerns and have great news:

Homeroom is introducing free and low cost online options, so all families can benefit from setting up a "community of care" solution for their children.

We're constantly creating tools and trying out ideas that support our public school partners and the families in our village by lightening the burden of care, socialization and enrichment, especially during a time when our most trusted resources are at a distance.  This fall, we're offering families the opportunity to lean on our community of online educators to support their school experiences through free and low-cost, small-group partnerships with peers and teachers: online Pods!  
As elementary school parents and PTA leaders ourselves, we can't wait for our schools to safely open, but while we're learning at home, we need some extra support. Whether your group needs help completing distance learning assignments from school, discovering fun ways to build friendships from a distance or even managing your students' Google Classrooms, with daily teacher check-ins, online office hours, common core support, and access to Homeroom's catalog of live online enrichment classes, we hope that online Pods will make this school year a bit brighter!
Families that want to work with a certified elementary school teacher to guide their distance learning experience, and participate in small group enrichment activities online together can use Homeroom's tools to form their online Pod. Families that are still looking for a pod can be matched with a group and teacher for an affordable weekly rate.  
This summer we gave 25% of our earnings back to our scholarship fund so that more children could build friendships, connection and confidence through online enrichment.  To keep our Pod partnerships accessible to all families, we're also subsidizing the cost of online Pods for families and groups in need.
We know that distance learning plans can change quickly.  Homeroom Pods are a week-by-week commitment so you can stop anytime, like when it's safe to go back to school.  Learn more and get started with your online Pod here.
Are you an employer or school PTA that would like to subsidize the cost of Pods for your families? Get in touch!
Does your family or group need financial support to participate in an online Pod?  We have a place for you! Let's connect!
Are you an educator who wants information about teaching partnerships with Homeroom? Learn more here.


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