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What's This Summer Going to Be Like?

  • By: Ruby Germain
  • On May 18, 2020 5:19:56 PM

The magic of summer is something our children look forward to all year! 

Summer camp is the embodiment of the joy and connection that we strive to capture and weave back into our after school enrichment classes during the school year.  
Every day, we work closely with school enrichment organizers, teachers, enrichment instructors and families across the country.  Many have asked,
What's this summer going to be like?
We've thought about it a lot and our short answer is:
Summer might look different this year, but no matter what, we can hold on to joy and connection.
In the spirit of keeping summer magical, we've selected some of our favorite credentialed teachers and enrichment instructors to lead inspired, multi-week, multi-subject collections of live online classes for elementary schoolers to enjoy with friends, all summer long.
K-5 students can spend a couple of weeks with friends learning all there is to know about dinosaurs and sharks, working together as jr. videographers to produce movie trailers, or building confidence while exploring dance & martial arts
Young readers can join a magical book club and writer's workshop, or explore Origami and African animals on a cross-continental art exploration.  All of Homeroom's summer programs are intended to be enjoyed with friends and siblings are always welcome.
We hope that it will be safe for all of our children to attend in-person activities this summer! If summer plans change quickly, no worries:  Simply cancel 24 hours before the start of any Homeroom summer program for a full refund.

We're committed to helping all elementary school children build meaningful connections and memories this summer.

Homeroom will dedicate up to 25% of our revenue to fund online enrichment scholarships for families in need this summer.

Contact us for more information on our summer enrichment scholarships.
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