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What's This Fall Going to be Like?

  • By: Ruby Germain
  • On Jul 13, 2020 7:14:53 PM

Last week kicked off with this doozy of an op-ed in the New York Times by Deb Perelman, which has been heralded as a "primal scream" by working parents in the age of COVID-19.  It definitely hit home for us.  Since then, our social media feeds have been abuzz with questions, articles and reflections from parents, educators and publishers wondering what this fall will be like.  

How will we meet these financial, logistical and public health challenges? How can we keep our children emotionally healthy? What about those most in need? What about working families? Will our teachers be safe? What’s the deal with homeschooling?


As we do this dance of parenting, which in the time of COVID, is acutely distilled to a balance of protection and exposure, how do we know what to do? 

How can we shelter and hold our children through this uncertainty while looking clear-eyed at a return to school in a month?

As we think through our approach as a support resource for families and as parents ourselves, we're right there with you.

Here are links to some of the most insightful points of view and ideas we've read, watched and listened to lately, which are informing our perspective on what this fall might be like, and what we need to think through to get us there.

Radical Schooling Ideas for an Uncertain Fall via NPR

‘I Don’t Want to Go Back’: Many Teachers Are Fearful and Angry Over Pressure to Return, via New York Times

Please Listen to Teachers, It's Not Safe to Go Back to School Yet, via EdSurge

How Two School Nurses Are Preparing for School ReOpening, Via EdWeek (video)

8 things to think about if you’re considering homeschool because of COVID-19 this fall, from a homeschool mom, via Cool Mom Picks 

Getting Started With Trauma-Informed Practices via Edutopia (video)

Spawned Podcast: Should you consider homeschooling this fall because of COVID-19?, Episode 209

What we know so far about kids and COVID-19, via The Atlantic

The Long Lasting Effects of the pandemic on Black families, via The New York Times

The Coronavirus Pandemic is Expanding California’s Digital Divide, via TechCrunch

Big New Obstacle for Economic Recovery: Childcare Crisis, via The New York Times

Micro-Schooling: The New Way Parents Are Getting Creative About School for the Fall, via GMA

How Childcare Disruptions Hurt Parents of Color Most, via Center for American Progress

What’s helping your family work through an approach to fall?  Share your links to and we’ll add them to this list.

By the way...This week we launched free live classes on Homeroom to make sure that all the children in our growing village have access to creative, playful, engaging experiences this summer.  Explore and register free here.



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