We help families discover enrichment activities and services that expand learning experiences at school, at home and beyond.

Raising the next generation is our most important work and as the old saying goes, “it takes a village to raise a child”. Homeroom’s modern “village” includes families of all different structures, friends, school day educators, child care providers, and more. We recognize the intellectual, social and emotional growth of our children does not begin and end when the school bell rings. This is where our extended community becomes a key part of children’s growth and development.

While you know what’s best for your family, navigating the many options available to you and then feeling confident in those choices can be challenging. We offer the simplicity of an extra set of helping hands, the freedom afforded by an activity coordinator, and the relief of knowing that someone truly understands your world.

Homeroom’s innovative platform is designed to be the bridge between families, schools, and their communities. Whether you choose to explore this world of enrichment opportunities independently or want a little extra guidance, we make it easy for your family to find enrichment activities and services that bolster learning at school, at home and beyond.

We invest in all children and provide support for busy caregivers to enrich and strengthen families across the country. By providing tools to elevate individuals and businesses dedicated to helping raise the next generation, we help you and your village grow stronger together.

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